our mission

At pulse branding, we're committed to empowering businesses and non-profits to maximize their positive social impact with the help of science. We want to tangibly find your business’s true essence, drive your brand evolution and attract the people that will love and remember you.

our Approach

We'll help you take the guessing game out of the creative process, supercharge our project with neuroscience, AI and our revolutionary consumer insight technology. So that ultimately, your brand can resonate deeply with your audience.

who are we?

We are a team of creative nerds, passionate about STEM, while caring deeply about the beauty of humanity. We came together with one singular goal to extend beyond our reach of positive social impact, by putting all out infinity stones into the gauntlet, and snap the world into a more beautiful place.

meet the team

We are a curated team of international experts united by a single goal: to drive effective brand evolution and create digital experiences that make tangible and visible impact.

Founder & CEO

Lareesa Hu


Dušan D. Nešić


Luka Z. Tilinger

Neuroscience Researcher

Alexander Berger

Art Director

Yoran Beisher

Back-end Engineer

Djordje Bajic

Lareesa Hu

Founder & CEO

Dušan D. Nešić


Luka Tilinger


Yoran Beisher

Art Director

Our advisory board

Rotary China
District Governor

Andrew Hill

Founder & Managing Director

Monte Rosen

Snr. BD

Tracy Hua


Chloe Kamps
Alliance Manager
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The Pulse team's creativity and responsiveness were truly top-notch. They created a design that really impressed our entire team and worked hard through the troubleshooting process to make sure the final product had smooth usability and functionality.

Lareesa's team redesigned our company website in a manner that conveyed our company vision and strengths through a medium that was visually appealing and had a great interface. We're excited to have a website we can proudly show off as being representative of who we are!

Samuel Coopersmith
General Manager
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Working with Pulse Branding was an absolute pleasure. Their diligence, attention to detail, and care for our project have led to fantastic results that we are all proud of.

If you're looking for support on your brand and turning your vision into reality, Pulse can make it happen!

Brett Payton
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Lareesa is an absolute blast to work with and brings a wonderful energy and sense of humor to everything she does. Have truly appreciated her insight into communication strategies,

her excellent eye for design, her ability to construct meaningful, clear and goal-oriented online content,

and her competency for managing projects in a timely and professional manner.

Tilman Rieger
Founder & CEO
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Lareesa not only consulted me well in taking the right decisions, but also designed it very professionally, helped me a great deal in formulating the website text, finding the right wording and making it all fit together neatly. Furthermore, she fine-tuned my already existing brand logo and was a great consultant all along the way of the natural back and forth process of difficult decision making on pictures, colors, design, structure etc.

I was and still am very satisfied with the great work she has done for me.

Rita Malvone
Business Consultant
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Lareesa is bright, patient, and very astute. She has a unique skill in being able to look at a brand and see how it can be visually represented to capture the qualities and authenticity behind it. She is creative and energetic, and makes a daunting task so much easier with her humor and confidence. She's easy going and dedicated

- she won't stop until she is 1000% satisfied.

Lareesa is resourceful and always up for a challenge, and her happy personality makes working with her a pleasure. She is that rare find - talent and confidence... humor and compassion... dedication and finesse.

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