Lareesa Hu: The Founder’s Story

Her Passion for the Human Mind

Lareesa has always been fascinated by the mysteries of the human mind and how to influence it for good. She dreamed of becoming a scientist who could uncover new insights and innovations that could improve the world.

Her Education and Early Career

She followed her passion for languages and cultures and studied at Shanghai International Studies University, where she learned how to communicate and design effectively. She started designing and launching her own e-commerce bakery brand called Lareesa’s Bakery in her third year of university, where she delighted customers with her delicious and beautiful cupcakes.

She then explored different industries and sectors as a marketing manager for various brands such as Talika, a luxury cosmetic brand from Paris, and Perfume Holding, an Italian company that owned several perfume brands. But she soon realized that she wanted to create new brands that had a purpose and a vision.

Her Transition to Video Production

She quit her job and started from scratch as a video producer at Alchemist Films, a production company that specialized in creating documentaries and commercials for social causes. She used her creativity and storytelling skills to produce engaging and impactful videos for issues such as special education, environmental protection, and animal welfare.

Her Founding of Pulse Branding

She founded Pulse Branding, a brand marketing agency that helps brands evolve with compassion and creativity. She helps brands connect with their audience’s subconscious by collecting the most honest instinctive feedback using Pulse Instinct, a rapid preference testing app that she created from scratch. She then uses neuro-branding techniques to create and elevate brand experiences that resonate with people on a deeper level.

Her Social Impact

Lareesa Hu is not only a successful brand strategist and entrepreneur but also a kind-hearted soul who cares about making positive impact on society. She is an active volunteer and supporter of various social causes such as special education, environmental protection, animal welfare. She is also member of Rotaract Club of Shanghai non-profit organization that plans executes volunteer social networking leadership projects develop its members as skilled socially responsible world citizens.

Her Vision

Lareesa’s vision is to create brands that make a difference in the world by connecting with their audience’s subconscious emotions using science creativity technology. She believes that meaningful connections are what elevate brands to stand out in the world impact our communities.