Pulling Ahead of Your Competition: the Importance of Intuition in Your Data-Driven Strategy

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December 21, 2022

There was a time when intuition and creativity were considered to be the most critical drivers of success for a brand. Now, however, more and more businesses are turning towards a data-driven strategy as it has been proven to be more effective time and time again. Here at Pulse Branding, we also ascribe to the importance of data. Although our approach is different compared to most.


Intuition in the Age of Data-Driven Marketing

Data gives you an insight into a lot of objective facts about your brand’s performance. You can highlight different trends, identify the pitfalls of your design, and determine how much revenue you are generating. However, your data lacks context without intuition.


Instinct is built on your human connection with your customers. It is based on the value you want to provide to your customers to help them solve the challenges they are facing. For example, data may show that a certain type of content is very popular at the moment but how will you know if it will work for your target audience? While the data may say that it will work, your instincts will lead you toward the right decision in this situation. You know your audience in a way your data never will.


This isn't to say that information is not important. Without the data, it would be practically impossible to objectively assess the performance of your projects. However, intuition and instinct have to be involved in the decision-making process as well. Think of intuition as a hypothesis. It is a proposed idea that you can implement with your tools and test out using data.


Do Successful Companies Just Rely on Big Data?

It feels like the major companies of our age are experiencing great success with the use of big data. And while having huge amounts of data to analyze does give them valuable insights, they cannot solely rely on it for their success. The people behind these huge projects often cite their personal experiences and inspirations as what motivated them to execute an idea. In a lot of ways, the data is there to facilitate the intuitive process and increase the probability of its successful fruition.


How Pulse Branding Leverages Intuition

At Pulse Branding, one of our founding principles is generating purpose beyond profit. This not only applies to us but also to the businesses we cater to. We want to help you build a brand that goes beyond just selling a product and generating revenue. In addition to that, we want you to be able to reach out to the people that interact with your content, form genuine connections, and provide real value.


At the end of the day, data and intuition go hand in hand. You need both to optimize your business strategy. With your instincts, your data fails to tell the whole truth. Allow Pulse Branding to help you achieve your branding goals with our instinct-based data-driven approach.

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