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Fulljet - Powered by Baozun

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Fulljet - Powered by Baozun

Project Scope

FullJet is an e-commerce strategy company based in Shanghai. They were recently acquired by Baozun, one of the largest e-commerce service leaders in China. The brand identity design needs to elevate FullJet and make it stand out in its highly competitive respective market, establishing its premium and luxury position while reflecting its technical superiority after joining Baozun.

Project Keywords

Luxury, Competent, Sophistication, B2B

Client feedback

Working with Pulse Branding was an absolute pleasure. Their diligence, attention to detail, and care for our project have led to fantastic results that we are all proud of.

If you're looking for support on your brand and turning your vision into reality, Pulse can make it happen!

Samuel Coopersmith


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