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WestLake Laboratory

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WestLake Laboratory

Project Scope

WeKwikGene facilitates the sharing of high-quality scientific materials, research reproducibility, and open science by archiving and distributing DNA-based research to scientists in China.

Project Keywords

Client feedback

Our partnership with PULSE BRANDING over the past two years has transformed WeKwikGene from a nascent idea into a robust scientific platform... PULSE BRANDING introduced creative features and visuals with scientific precision, enhancing our vision and broadening our perspectives. They expertly navigated the complexities of website requirements, ensuring seamless functionality... Despite challenges and differing opinions, we successfully navigated these through cooperation and perseverance. My experience with PULSE BRANDING has been exceptionally positive; their skill in making complex concepts accessible and their flexibility have been crucial to our project's success. Their professional work has been instrumental in launching WeKwikGene

- Stavrini Papadaki & Kiryl D. Piatkevich

Dr. Kiryl D. Piatkevich

Principal Investigator

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