6 Signs That Your Company Needs a New Logo

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November 25, 2022

A logo is not just an extension of your business- in a lot of ways, it is a visual representation of what your business stands for. Therefore, a good logo ensures that your company identity is marketable, memorable, and successful. Following are 6 indicators that your company is in the need of anew logo:


  1. Your values or services have changed.

Businesses need to evolve and adapt with time in order to survive and succeed. This shift may happen either due to a change in the products and services you provide or due to a change in the needs of your customers. Regardless, if your business values have changed from what they used to be, it's time for a new logo that accurately represents the value you provide.


  1. Your competition has evolved.

As your business evolves, so does your competition. If your logo starts to feel like part of a set amongst your competitors, consider changing up your logo. Ensure that your logo tells your story and brings something to the table that your competitors do not.


  1. Your audience has changed or expanded.

If you have been in business for a while, your initial audience probably only comprises a fraction of your current clientele. On the other hand, perhaps your target audience has changed entirely as your brand takes anew direction. If this is the case, launching a new logo that is a better representative of your current values and services not only appeals more to your consumer base but also marks a new path for you as a company.


  1. It is way too complicated.

The growing trend in the world of logo making and design, in general, has been to simplify as much as you can. If your logo is so complicated that your customers cannot pick up who it belongs to or what it stands for, it maybe time for a refresh. Instead of making your logo an art project, make it a brief, one-word summation of what your business represents. Keeping your logo simple and aesthetically pleasing is also a great way to make it memorable and easily identifiable. Just ensure that it is not too similar to another brand or business.


  1. Your logo does not scale well.

If your logo does not look good in a different size, shape, or sometimes colour than the original, you may want to reconsider it. Your logo needs to be versatile as it will ideally feature on all of your products and merchandise. You want something that is scalable and can adapt to different creative mediums.


  1. It has been too long!

If you created your logo ten or twenty years ago, then it most likely needs an update. You do not want your logo to make it seem like your business is stuck in the past when it is actually evolving. Unless you are going for that rustic look intentionally, assess if your logo looks outdated when compared to modern aesthetics. A contemporary logo gives you a fresh start and allows you to connect and engage with your audience better.

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