The importance of brand authenticity in today's market

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February 16, 2023

As convenient as the internet and social media have made everything, it is also overly saturated. One may argue that there is way too much more than what is actually useful. While this gives readers and customers a lot of options to choose from, it makes the job of business owners that much more difficult. Now, not only do you have to make sure you are creating the best product/service, but you also have to market it in the most attention-grabbing way. If you do not do so, you run the very probable risk of losing out to your several competitors. 

What is Brand Authenticity?

So what is it that can make a brand stand out? While good service, a strong brand voice, and resonant marketing are all very important, brand authenticity is arguably the most critical aspect. Brand authority means you are being genuine about the products and content you are presenting to your customers. Considering just how extensive and constantly ‘online’ the internet is, there really isn't any place to hide. Even when you are not interacting with your audience, you are under the spotlight. Just saying things is not enough: you have to act on them.

For example, say a company claims to prioritize customer satisfaction above all which is why they offer excellent customer service. However, if customers are not receiving adequate help in an appropriate window of time or the brand never seems to interact with their audience on social media, it shows that they are not being authentic. Honesty and integrity are great principles to build your business upon, and the transparency of social media is all the more encouragement to be authentic.

Practicing Authenticity in the Market

Recent research shows that modern generations, including Gen Z, prefer ‘real’ brands over neatly packaged businesses. Building an entity that feels organic and human is more likely to succeed than a typical, meticulously crafted empire that looks like a template for every other service in the industry. Customers are looking for something they can resonate with at a deeper level and being authentic is the best way to win them over.

That is the principle that Pulse Branding operates on. Instead of investing time in marketing tired gimmicks, Pulse Branding helps you explore your target audience, find what they are looking for, and then build your strategy around your customer’s needs. Adopting such an approach allows you to be genuine instead of fabricating traits that do not align with your mission statement. You can build real connections with your followers which ensures loyalty and returning customers.

Building Brand Authenticity

Personalization and conversational marketing are keys to connecting with your customers. Use your website and social media to engage with them and communicate in a conversational manner. Be upfront about how you can help them and follow through on these promises. Try to make members of your team as accessible as you can so your company representatives feel like trusted friends dedicated to making your customers’ lives easier. You should also be honest and transparent about the social causes your brand supports as they can resonate a lot with your customers, especially in today’s environment.

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