The Types of Customers You Will Encounter and How to Appeal to Them

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January 10, 2023

Knowing your customer and catering to their needs is a critical component of your business strategy. You need to be able to capture the intrigue of your customer in the first few seconds of their visit to your website. Not only that, but you have to put an effort in to retain them. However, not every customer is alike. Even within your target market, you will encounter a bunch of different types of consumers. It is your responsibility as a brand to personalize their experience and build a long-term connection.


Here is an overview of the types of customers you will find and how you should embrace them:


The Wanderers

These are the completely new customers who have landed on your page for the very first time. First-time buyers are probably the most receptive to a good welcome which is why you should not let this golden opportunity go. You need to create an experience that leaves a lasting impression and makes them come back for more.


               How to appeal to new customers:

●       Give them a warm welcome. Grab their attention with a personalized email or landing page that delivers valuable information in a concise manner.

●       Make the navigation and purchasing process as simple as possible for them.

●       Ensure that they can easily access any help if needed.


The Explorers

These are the prospects that you need to convert into leads. They are still weighing their options and have yet to select you as their first choice. As opposed to novice customers, these people have specific needs that require specific services. You need to convince them why your service trumps the rest.


               How to appeal to potential customers:

●       Optimize your website design to catch and retain their attention. Unless you present something unique, they will probably move on quickly.

●       Give tangible evidence of the value your services can provide with the help of reviews and testimonials.

●       Be careful not to oversell.


The Discount-Seekers

These customers are looking for the best possible deal they can find. They will explore all their options but they are likely to come back if you present a good offer.


               How to appeal to bargaining customers:

●       Offer occasional sales and special deals on your website. Market them as such.

●       Explain the benefits of the deal in clear terms and outline the value you are offering.


The Disgruntled

No matter how hard you try, you will inevitably end up with a few customers who are unhappy with your services. However, it is not too late to win them back as they are a source of invaluable feedback that can help you improve.


               How to appeal to dissatisfied customers:

●       Offer an accessible line of communication where they can make their complaints known.

●       Actively listen to their concerns and address them in an empathetic manner.

●       Use their feedback to improve your interface and the services you are providing.


The Impetuous

These are the impulsive buyers who do not necessarily need to be convinced to engage with your services with evidence. If they see something they like, they are all in.


               How to appeal to impulsive customers:

●       Simply get out of their way. Keep your user interface simple to navigate yet enjoyable to browse through.

●       Identify their likes and offer recommendations where appropriate.


The Loyal Ones

Last but not the least, these are your long-term customers who have been with you through thick and thin. They respond positively to your efforts and find value in the service you provide.


               How to appeal to veteran customers:

●       Never take your loyal customers for granted. Ensure you are still keeping your content fresh and engaging for them.

●       Show your appreciation for their loyalty. Personalize your thank you messages and offer special loyalty bonuses to strengthen the relationship.

●       Seek their feedback to improve your brand even more.

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