What is an agile design process?

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January 10, 2023

The agile design process is a way of creating designs that is flexible and adaptable. In this process, designers work in short, iterative cycles, called "sprints," in which they create, test, and refine their designs. This allows designers to quickly and easily make changes to their designs based on feedback and new information.

Imagine that you are making a toy car. In the agile design process, you would first create a simple version of the car, called a "prototype." Then, you would show the prototype to your friends and ask for their feedback. Based on their feedback, you would make changes to the car, such as adding doors or changing the color.

After making the changes, you would show the updated car to your friends again, and ask for more feedback. You would continue this process, making changes and getting feedback, until you have created a toy car that your friends love.

The agile design process is like building a toy car in small pieces, and then making changes and improvements based on what you and your friends like. It allows you to create designs that are flexible and adaptable, and that are based on what your friends want.

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